Free Shoe Tying Help for Special Needs Institutions

Free Shoe Tying Help for Special Needs Institutions

If you work for a special needs institution with a population of individuals that struggle to tie their shoes, Training Ties® would LOVE to donate 2 pairs of Training Ties® to you! Training Ties® has a mission of helping anyone who has struggled with learning shoe tying. I invented Training Ties when I was an Adapted PE Teacher to help my students of all ages and ability levels learn shoe tying. Training Ties has help individuals as young as 3 up to senior citizens learn shoe tying and keep their shoes tied.

 If you're an institution looking for some help with this life skill all you have to do is

(1)Follow Training Ties on Instagram (2)message me about receiving your FREE pairs of Training Ties®

Our mission at Training Ties® is to help everyone who wants to gain independence LEARN how to tie their OWN shoes. We are a new small business and are looking for some help spreading the word about what we're trying to do so we can help more people. Please share this with anyone who could use some help with learning shoe tying.


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