Training Ties™ Vs Elastic Laces/Locking Laces/Hickies Laces/Velcro and Other No Tie Shoelaces

Training Ties™ Vs Elastic Laces/Locking Laces/Hickies Laces/Velcro and Other No Tie Shoelaces

What separates Training Ties from all these "No Tie Shoelaces"? Everything!


I have a very associative personality so I do better learning and teaching when I'm able to compare unfamiliar concepts to ones that are more familiar. Let's compare tying shoes to walking. For anyone who's had little ones in their lives, if you've witnessed them learn how to walk...there isn't a lot of walking at first. There's a lot of falling. It should really just be called learning to fall and get up instead of learning how to walk, but I digress.


If during the process of learning how to walk, you were to just pick them up and carry them from point A to point B...they'll get there WAY FASTER than having them "walk" from point A to point B. So then why don't we stop our kids from falling and just carry them around so they get there faster? I'm sure you're thinking, well that's because it's not about going from point A to point B at that stage, it's about LEARNING HOW to walk.

EXACTLY! That's the difference between Training Ties and all the other non-teaching products like elastic laces, locking laces, Hickies laces, Velcro laces and other no tie shoe laces. As a teacher, I value the process of learning even though it's not always easy, because it leads to growth. don't need to ruin you're sneaker swag by taking out the laces that come with the sneakers.


Training Ties are Training Wheels for shoe tying. They DO NOT TIE THEMSELVES. Initially they will be more difficult than the no tie lace options, but as Sir William Wallace once said

Hold....Hold....Hold! In no time, your little ones will be telling you "I got it!", "I did it!", "I tied my shoes!" and that feeling that they have in that moment when they learn instead of taking the easy way out is why I created Training Ties. That sense of accomplishment is what we strive for. Those feelings of independence, confidence, perseverance are theirs to hold on to forever.


When learning how to ride a bike with Training Wheels, you don't just give your kid a push and send them on their way because they have the Training Wheels on. You still teach them how to get on and off the bike, how to brake, how to steer, etc., but it allows them to learn those other things while slowly developing their balancing ability. Until one day, they have enough confidence to go for a bike ride without the Training Wheels. Anyone who's seen their child bike ride for the first time successfully without Training Wheels on can't help but see a smile a mile wide. So many positive emotions and lifelong feelings are developed in those teaching moments.


Training Ties aims to "Foster Independence One Shoelace at a Time" so that one day, your kids will have their...


and so will you.

I Want My Training Ties!

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