Are You A Teacher? Training Ties Will Help You Help Your Students!

Are You A Teacher? Training Ties Will Help You Help Your Students!

It's no secret that the pandemic and transitioning back to in-person classes has been rough on teachers. Bobby Morong, the founder and inventor of Training Ties, knows exactly what you're going through.

Bobby Morong was a Physical Education and Special Education elementary school teacher for over 20 years in and around Boston. During his time as an educator, Bobby developed his shoe-tying aid, Training Ties. He always made teaching his students how to tie their shoes into a unit so that they could be safe and learn valuable life skills.

Training Ties turned shoe-tying from a multiple week unit into a one day lesson in which over 90% of students, regardless of their age or ability level, were able to successfully tie their shoes. When COVID hit Bobby's school district, the board cut extracurricular classes and thus his position. That misfortune was actually a blessing in disguise! It led Bobby to become an entrepreneur with the help of his wonderful wife Nicky, giving Training Ties a chance to help all kinds of people have tied laces that allow them to take pride in their independence.

Though he's no longer an educator, Bobby will never forget what it was like to help teach the next generation. He remembers the highs and lows of education, which is why he is determined to help give back by hosting a contest where you could win free Training Ties for your entire classroom!

Not only that, you're automatically entered in a monthly giveaway of free Training Ties just by following the Training Ties Instagram account!

But why should you want Training Ties in the first place? If you're still not convinced - don't worry. Just keep on reading.

Training Ties make teaching so much easier!

Being a teacher is so rewarding - but as we mentioned earlier, it's already a difficult job and the pandemic has not made it any easier.

That's why teachers love Training Ties. They let you actually teach! You won't have to postpone a lesson to show Timmy how to tie his pee-soaked shoelaces for the 30th time that day. Training Ties are one of the only shoe-tying aids that actually teaches children how to tie their shoes.

So instead of having to repeat instructions and bend over all the time, you can give everyone in your class a pair of Training Ties and teach them all at once! They'll retain the information better and be able to start tying their shoes on their own.

Let's make recess safer!

If you watch your students play at recess or help escort them around the school, you may always have that fear in the back of your head that they'll trip over their untied laces. Training Ties keeps tied laces secure and tight so you don't have to worry about your students falling face first into an anthill or shredding their knees on pavement. Ouch!

Your kids may still constantly ask for Band-aids, though - they're just so fun to stick on! And fashionable, too. Maybe adults should make wearing Spider-Man, Paw Patrol, and Disney princess Band-aids more socially acceptable. I'll start doing it if you do!

Foster independence in your students!

Teachers do so much more than just teach kids English, math, or PE. You're an important, trusted figure in a child's life. You can help teach life lessons and create long-lasting habits that will stick with your students decades from now.

Even something as simple as learning to tie their shoes on their own can boost a child's confidence, self-esteem, and drive to succeed. Instead of letting them quit or always tying their shoes for them, try Training Ties. Your students may just write you a letter 30 years from now saying thanks!

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Cover Photo by Unsplash user Adam Winger


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