Baby Dean, Welcome to the Training Ties Team!

Baby Dean, Welcome to the Training Ties Team!

Congratulations to our Training Ties power couple Bobby and Nicky Morong! Bouncing baby boy Dean Morong came into this world on September 17th at 11:26 pm. The proud parents are so excited to introduce you to him!


He's only a couple days old, and he's already smiling!

All that extra time spent hiding away was worth it for this adorable face! The average pregnancy lasts for about 40 weeks, but Dean didn't decide to come meet everyone until 42.5 weeks! The wait made him big and strong: Nicky wrote on her Instagram that Dean is "8lbs, 20.3 inches of perfection and we can’t stop staring at him."


Happy 0th birthday!

The Morong family had a beautiful celebration for their newest addition! Too bad Dean can't have any of that delicious cake yet. More for his hardworking parents!


Father and son finally meet face to face!

Bobby's spending some precious quality time with his little one! Relaxing with dad must feel great after a long night of being born.


He'll be tying his shoes before he can talk!

Dean's in good hands - he'll never have to worry about tripping over his shoes once he's running around! When they were still expecting him, his parents wrote on the Training Ties Facebook page that they have "plenty of laced shoes for him to try right away!" He'll be the cutest kid toddling around with his awesome Training Ties!


So cute! Where can I read more heartwarming Training Ties posts?

We agree, Nicky and Bobby did a great job! 


To stay updated on baby Dean, you can follow: The Training Ties Facebook page, Nicky's Instagram, Bobby's Instagram, and the Training Ties Instagram!


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